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If you are a feeler, you could feel today coming.

You could feel the pressure building.

You could see the hate swirling.

This morning I woke with a pit in my stomach, afraid of the violence that might be seen.

Afraid of the unknown.

Parts of today went exactly how I feared. For hours I couldn’t help but watch what unfolded.

My teenagers found their way to my living room, sat beside me on the couch, and asked questions. They shared their opinions.

We witnessed history today.

There is a lot that can be said about today. A lot that should be said about today.

It is easy to lean into hatred tonight.

It is easy to add to the divide.

What I choose to take away as I end my day though is one word.

It has become my favorite word.


Sometimes after the dust settles from great clashes and fighting and hatred we can find common ground.

Sometimes the aftermath of terrible moments leaves great insight in its wake.

Sometimes after brokenness we can find a way to come together in unity.


It’s out there.

It has to be.

There can be common ground.

There can be peace.

We can find a way to heal and move forward — on so many topics.

I hope we will.

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