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As I sat in the quiet of my home this morning, a news alert dinged on my phone.

The unexpected noise startled me and I literally jumped out of my seat.

I felt a knot in my throat and a pit in my stomach as I reached to see what the alert said.

It wasn’t anything bad…thankfully.

But in that moment, I realized just how long I’ve been holding my breath for today, the last in a long line of touchpoints following the election over 2 months ago.

This day is perhaps the most monumental day I can remember for our country.

So many firsts for the United States.

So much hope.

Yet at the same time, so much hate.

So much division.

So much uncertainty.

So much hurt.

Based on conversations with friends, colleagues, and clients, I know I am not the only one struggling with feeling both a deep sense of dread and also breathtaking hope today.

My advice (maybe my plea??) is that we all find a way to lean into the good today.

Talk to your people.

Let yourself feel whatever feelings today brings for you.

Remember, above all else, to be kind. Kindness to yourself and to others matters.

Maybe it matters now more than ever.

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