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Sometimes you will be too much for people.

Sometimes you won’t be enough.

Sometimes they will find you too sensitive

Sometimes they’ll say you are too insensitive.

Sometimes you will make decisions that hurt others.

Sometimes the decisions of others will hurt you.

Sometimes you will be lonely.

Sometimes you will wish for solitude.

Sometimes you will feel like all eyes are on you.

Sometimes you will feel invisible.

Sometimes the people you need to cheer you on won’t be there.

Sometimes people around you will shout things that aren’t true.

Sometimes you will feel too focused on a goal.

Sometimes you will feel lost and directionless.

Sometimes you will lie awake at night unable to find sleep.

Sometimes you will crawl under the covers, afraid to face the world.


Not all the time.

Sometimes you will feel valued, seen, and appreciated, despite your flawed parts.

Sometimes you will find your confidence, support, and direction.

Sometimes you will be at peace and rest easily at night.

Through all the sometimes, there will be constants to hold on to.

You matter.

Your life has meaning.

You are not alone.

Tomorrow is always a new day.

Sometimes you just need to hold on.

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