We Need More

A Plea To The Law Enforcement Community


If you have spent any time remotely near social media, the news, or even other humans recently you probably have heard many people in law enforcement say things like:

  • “a few rotten apples shouldn’t spoil the bunch”
  • “99% of police officers are good”
  • “no one hates a bad cop more than a good cop”
  • “what happened to George Floyd was disgusting”
  • “Police officers are trained much better than what we saw with George Floyd”

We’ve heard these all before. We’ve been here before. We’ve been here for years.

We need more.

While a police officer literally risks their life every day to do their job, it’s simply not enough.

We need more.

Being willing to lay down your life for you job does not make you a GOOD police officer; it simply makes you a police officer. It’s part of the job requirements.

What makes you a good police officer are your actions.

We need more.

Right now we need all members of the law enforcement community to ask themselves and their colleagues some tough questions:

What are you doing to fix the situation?

Are you naming your privilege?

Are you acknowledging your own mistakes within the field?

Are you calling out any racist colleagues and superiors?

Are you advocating for policy and training change?

Are you taking a knee with protesters and then continuing to share their message?

When you see someone in your role abuse their power, what do you do about it?

How far are you willing to go when you see racism and bias in your field?



Jenni Brennan, Changing Perspectives

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