When Life Begins To Unravel

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Recently I traveled out of state with my husband for a work conference. One night as we were about to head out to an event, I realized that the tags on one of my new shirts was bothering me. I needed to fix it or it was going to drive me bananas all evening.

Since I hadn’t packed any scissors, I thought I would just rip the tag off — but, I couldn’t. The tag was too strong to rip so easily.

So, I took out my trusty sharp tweezers and started pulling the tag out by releasing some of the stitches. Like magic, that tag started to fray and fall apart in just a few moments.

All it needed was to just be weakened a bit.

As we stood waiting for the elevator, I realized that we are all just like that tag.

Usually we are strong and can withstand the things that get thrown our way.

But, it’s those little blows that start to weaken us.

It’s those little hurts that make our own edges start to fray.

It’s those small pains that break us down.

It’s one small thing after another until eventually we can’t withstand the big stuff anymore and we fall apart completely.

So, maybe it’s time to take stock of our lives right now.

What are the little things that are weakening you?

What are the little things that are fraying your edges?

What small changes can you make to prevent life’s sharp tweezers from pulling at your final thread?



Jenni Brennan, Changing Perspectives

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